Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Terrace

The Terrace has always been a favourite spot regardless of the time of year.  The views are wonderful in 3 directions, you get a great view of the Duomo, of Sommocolonia, the mountains and the road leading up to the Main gate and Fosso.

The view of the mountains and Sommocolonia.

The view up to the Duomo

The view across the roof tops towards the main gate of Barga Vecchia
(just past the large dark green tree).

Now with the addition of a full kitchen on the terrace it is even better. The kitchen was there in 2008/9 but it was the middle of winter so we didn't take full advantage of it.
Thurza and I weren't coming home without having used it however, so we took books (newly acquired and written by a local author), a bottle of red wine and some nibblies and off we went.

I can't remember, but I suspect I took my overcoat off for the photo - I'm a bit of a 'cold frog'.

We all took advantage of the Terrace on New Year's Eve as well.  We got spectacular views of the fireworks at the Duomo, Sommocolonia and other villages around.  It was very hard to catch it on camera though - obviously need a new one!

New Year's Eve - 2008/9

Me,Tanya, Jayden, Danny, Corby and Thurza.

The best we could do!

2011 was a whole new deal - October, beautiful weather and so we almost 'lived' up on the Terrace.  We had most meals up there - breakfast, lunch when we were there and dinner.  Perfect!

I can't believe I've got that shirt on again!

Dinner on the Terrace

We spent a lot of time up there seeing who could take the best photos.

All in all, the Terrace kitchen was voted a huge success.

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